Home Use Portable Multi-Purpose Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer

Full five-star ozone purification From the source,3D full coverage without dead angle purification. Our multi-purpose ozone generator allows you to ozone water to remove residual harmful substance on meat,vegetables and fruits.

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Product Item: Home Use Portable Multi-Purpose Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer


The multi-purpose ozone vegetable fruit sterilizer utilizes the proven technology of O3 (ozone) bubbles to wash contaminants from the surface of the food. It's an organic & reliable solution to clean both air & water. The unit sets up in minutes on a wall, table, floor, or counter top and has a scratch resistant base. It's perfect for home or office use. Our multi-purpose ozone generator is highly portable and can be used in both the kitchen or bathroom.

Our mini portable ozone sterilizer comes with a an adjustable timer, full function remote, two sets of tubes and two stone diffusers. The multipurpose features of the Fruit Vegetable Washer and Ozone Generator make the unit a great appliance for every household.


1. No need to add detergent for ozone work, no secondary pollution, dual use, which is more convenient and practical.

2. It can thoroughly and effectively fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, and pickled vegetables in life.

3. Freezing seafood and meat products with ozone water has a strong freshening keeping function.

4. Degradation of pesticides and hormones, ozone has a strong oxidizing property, which can quickly degrade pesticides and hormones and make pesticides and hormones into stable inorganic substances.

5. The oxygen atoms in the active oxygen can oxidize the heavy metal ions soluble in water to non-water-soluble high-value compounds and separate them out. The treated water is pure.

Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer

Front View

Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator

Size View


Packing List

1 set complete Ozone machine HK-A1 you can get :4 stone,2 pipe,1 remote,1 power wire,1 manual,2 screw,1 main machine,1 colour box.

  • 1PCS/ BOX: Box size: 39*33*14cm
  • 5PCS/ CTN: CTN Size: 71*41*34cm G.W: 11kg
  • 10PCS/ CTN: CTN Size: 71*41*67cm G.W:21kg


Why Choose us ?

In the past 5 years, We help more than 100 young entrepreneurs make great success in different countries , we support them with good quality Ozonator,good price,low MOQ,good policy(one country ,one agent policy),good after sales services.

Choose us = Choose success

With our strong support, they have the chance to start their own business, build up their own brand, and occupy the whole market in their country. Many of them start from small team(1-3) ,first order is 5-20 pcs,after few month cooperation, they grow up into a big company.It's our pleasure to help more and more young people make great achievement and realize their dream.

Comparison of advantages

Guangzhou Roson Others competitor
Company Type Ozone machine manufacturer, have professional sales team for overseas market 90% are trading company,10% are real manufacturer , there are less than 100 ozonator factory in China (home use ozonator factory less than 30) ,but there are more than 1500 company sell ozone machine on Alibaba
MOQ If we start cooperation and sign exclusive contract,we support MOQ from 5-20 pcs at beginning(If not exclusive model,1pcs is available ) 1000 pcs or more to get the exclusive model(90% are trading company,they can't offer exclusive right,because many people sell the same model ,they can't control the price)
OEM/ODM service Available,we support our agent low MOQ for OEM order,200 pcs or more we can help print your logo on our machine 90% trading company can't offer OEM/ODM service
Exclusive Right as we are the factory,we control the mould,we can control the market and price,we can offer exclusive right for our agent in their country,our business way is(one country,one model, one exclusive agent)we not allow our agent have a bad competition on the price in the same market. 90% trading company they buy the ozone machine from factory and resell on Alibaba,many seller sell the same model with different price,they can't control the market and price,they can't offer exclusive right.
Free Sample available,if we choose you as our potential agent,we will offer you free sample and exclusive contract draft. 90% trading company can't offer free sample
Price Control we try our best to make the price opaque ,we write higher cost on Alibaba ,in this way,our agent can sell higher cost and get more profit. 90% trading company have no price protection ,they have bad competition on price,they write the low price on Alibaba,the distributor/ retail customers from overseas can know the bottom price you buy from China.

Spare part for

maintenance and repair

each order we offer 2%-4% spare part(ozone tube)for our agent to handle the after sell services. 10% manufacturer can offer this service, 90% trading company can't offer
Lead time

small quantity (1-200 pcs):1-5 days

big quantity(1000-5000pcs):15-30 days

90% trading company more than 40 days for delivery
Trade Show we attend Canton Fair every year,we can have the chance to meet and talk face to face.
90% competitor didn't attend the fair ,because trading company have no advantages on products.

Home Use Portable Multi-Purpose Ozone Vegetable Fruit Sterilizer

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