Home Ultrasound Laser EMS Therapy Machine

Tens Massager is designed in accordance with the manpower system and is comfortable to use. There are corresponding TENS accessories to help massage shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs and feet to relieve tension and muscle fatigue.
You can choose the right massage style and intensity, suitable for living room, bedroom, balcony and office.

Bluetooth audio playback: includes Bluetooth music player, enjoy massage and music.
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Home Ultrasound Laser EMS Therapy Machine

Neuropathic pain is pain caused by nerve damage or disease and is difficult to treat effectively.It can occur after immediate nerve damage, or it can be caused by problems such as diabetes, shingles and carpal tunnel syndrome.

TENS is a common pain treatment. Portable Tens Massager uses a small battery-powered device that applies a low current through electrodes attached to the skin. Household TENS treatment is recommended for pain relief.

Model Number: HK-509B

Type: Body Massager

Application: Body

Function: Pain relief

After-sale Service: Free spare parts

Feature: 2 output for electric pulse

Net weight: 1kg

Certificate: CE

Logo: without logo (OEM is available )

Exclusive Right: Available

Voice customization: Available( Russian, Turkish,Polish,Spanish etc)

Normal voice and language: English

Basic Accessories

3.5mm Two Pin Wire

2 Pcs

4*6 Electorde Pad
2 Pairs
Drug Electrode 2 Pcs
Heating Belt 2 Pcs Massage Slipper 1 Pair Laser 1 Pcs
1 Pcs Manual
1 Pcs
Packing Box

1 Pcs

Packaging Details

Box size: 47*32*13cm
5pcs/CTN Carton Size:65*36*45cm

How is ten used
TENS may help to relieve a wide range of pain and muscle spasms, including:
Pelvic Pain Due to Endometriosis
Knee Pain
Neck Pain
Back Pain

Sports Injury

Our Advantages

1.We are looking for exclusive agent for our tens massager in each country.we don't sell it to others Chinese trading company ,we can control the market and price very well.

2.We offer low MOQ for OEM order to support our clients.
We can help print your logo on machine with low quantity such as 200-500 pcs ,normally ,others supplier have the MOQ as 1000-3000 pcs to print logo.

3.We can customize the voice such as Russian, Turkish,Polish,Spanish etc.

4.We can customize the language on button printing, such as Russian, Turkish,Polish,Spanish etc.

5.As we are the factory/manufacturer ,our technician can help you Research and develop new model.

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