Do Ozone Sterilizer Really Work?

Oct 27, 2021

The WHO has released that the COVID-19 virus can spread permanently in an enclosed space, which can spread from person to person.

Droplets smaller than 5 microns containing the exhaled saxe-CoV-2 virus can stay airborne for hours and travel tens of meters, the scientists said.  Water droplets are called droplets.

With this medical tool, we can kill aerosol particles suspended in the air.  This is already a clinical trial.

Home Ozone Generator

In addition to killing bacteria and viruses in the air.  Here are the benefits of booster ozone;

- Remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh.

- Eliminate bacteria and viruses in the water.

- Helps activate cells on the skin's surface, boosting metabolism and keeping skin youthful.

ozone sterilizer

Ozone Sterilizer is an environmentally friendly disinfection tool.  It works by converting oxygen (oxygen) from free air into ozone.

Can be used to treat diabetes, asepsis room, uric acid, dandruff and lice, drinking water strerilizer and other diseases.

It can also be used in diet to remove black spots and whiteness from the face.

This has many benefits for the body, and it is believed that the virus can be sterilized indoors.

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