Established in 2014,Guangzhou Roson Medical Devices Co., Ltd.specialize in research, development, manufacture and sale of electronic medical devices and other health care products. We can supply electronic pulse massager and different kinds massager. We have More than 27 years production experience(predecessor is Guangzhou Huakang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.founded in 1993),We have Professional R&D team ,OEM&ODM service is available.From the early 90s, we began to concentrate on the researching and production of electronic pulse massager, so we are the pioneer in this field.After 25 years of market text, our electronic pulse massager has become the China well-known trademarks, products sold very well at home and abroad.

Someone will ask what is Tens Massager / Ozone Sterilizer?Where are they used?Now I will tell you about them.

Firstly, Tens Massager is designed to generate a safe current through a wire that is delivered throughout the body or to a specific part of the body. This electrical current not only relieves pain, but also relaxes muscles. TENS treatment generally applicable to the family, a machine bring health to whole family.

Secondly, Ozone sterilizer is produced ozone by the ozone tube, has achieved the effect of sterilization. Ozone is a very strong reductive, so ozone also become a bacteria killer.This ozone machine can not only clean the air, but also clean the food. It applies to home, restaurant, hotel, office and other places.

Now, we are looking for exclusive agent in different country.
We have agent in Poland, Spain, Russia, Iraq,Thailand, Peru and so on..

We will help you protect the market. Once you be our exclusive agency, we don't sell to him who come from your country. We will sign the exclusive contract.

At the same time, you don't have to worry, you just come into this industry and have no experience, you don't have to worry about this, many of our customers are doing step by step, we will help them, and then we grow together. Everyone is welcome to contact us.

Welcome to make a field inspection of our factory.

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